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The DECT Industry Report contains over 600 pages and 140 exhibits, detailed information on the markets, players, threats & opportunities for players across the value chain, as well as potential new market entrants, investors & analysts. 

From this page you may freely download content information
in order to evaluate the benefits of purchasing the Report

Executive Summary
Unrestricted Download (pdf)

  Detailed Contents & List of Exhibits
Unrestricted Download (pdf)
A page-numbered set of Chapter, Section and Topic headings. 
It also includes a list of the Exhibits in each Chapter 

This pdf download will allow you to see the depth of treatment devoted to each topic and 
thereby assess the report's relevance to your own company, products and markets.

Sample Contents Available for Free Download
Restricted Download (pdf files)
In order to access these samples we ask you please to register your interest.
These samples provide an illustration of the kind of content in the report.  

Residential Cordless Telephony

Extending the Consumer Market

The Impact of VoIP, WLAN and VoWLAN

The Impact of Fixed Mobile Convergence on DECT

The Recent FCC Ruling on DECT in the USA

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We can accept payment by several methods - Bank Transfer or by Company or Personal Cheque 

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